Home Care Assistance Pulaski TN - How Can Your Senior Stay or Get More Active?

How Can Your Senior Stay or Get More Active?

Regular movement can help your elderly family member to have a happier and healthier life, which is something that you no doubt want for her. It’s vital to take some time first to establish a plan for your elderly family member so that she’s able to make moving more a regular part of her everyday life. Share this plan with her home care assistance providers so they can follow through with her accomplishing her goals.

Address Underlying Obstacles to Being More Active

It can be so easy for seniors to become more sedentary than they wanted to be. Boredom, mobility issues, health issues, and other factors can all contribute to keeping your senior from moving as much as she used to move. It’s vital to uncover what is affecting your senior’s ability to be more active. Working with her doctor helps you and your senior to understand any limitations she may want to put into place.

Find a Workout Routine that Works for Her

Home Care Assistance Pulaski TN - How Can Your Senior Stay or Get More Active?

Home Care Assistance Pulaski TN – How Can Your Senior Stay or Get More Active?

The best workout for anyone is something that person will continue to do and the same is true for your senior. If she’s not excited about a particular type of physical activity, she’s not likely to want to pursue it at all. That might mean that she tries a few different types of movement to find what works for her. If she’s got some serious mobility issues or health concerns, her doctor may even recommend that she starts out by working with a physical therapist.

Incorporate a Mix of Strength, Balance, and Cardio Exercises

Ideally, your elderly family member’s exercise routine should incorporate a mix of movement types. That’s because each offers her a different benefit. Keeping up with activities that promote balance helps her to reduce her fall risk and mobility. Strength training works on maintaining and increasing muscle strength. And cardio exercises help her to keep her lungs and heart strong and healthy. They’re all important to her overall well-being.

Your aging family member could set up a complicated workout routine, but unless that’s something she really wants to do, she’s likely to abandon it. If all she wants to focus on is simply moving more than she was before, that’s an okay goal, too. Senior care at home can help your elderly family member to build up her workout routine gradually so that it supports her needs.

Make Exercise an Easy Part of Her Routine that her Home Care Assistance Aides can Help with

When exercise and movement just flow in your senior’s daily routine, she’s much more likely to build the habit. Home care assistance providers are really helpful in building daily and weekly routines for your senior. They can remind her about what her plans were and assist her in sticking to them in other ways. Home care assistance aides can help make sure that your senior is remembering to fuel and hydrate her body, for example, supporting her goals to make moving easier.

Your elderly family member doesn’t have to lift weights constantly or become a triathlete to gain benefits from moving more. Following a healthy plan can help even the most sedentary seniors to become more active.

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