What to Do if Your Senior Is Concerned about the Flu

The flu can be incredibly intense, especially the older your senior family member gets. If she’s expressed to you that she’s concerned that she might catch the flu, that’s a worry you can help her to address.

Ramp up Your Hand Washing

Home Care Pulaski TN - What to Do if Your Senior Is Concerned about the Flu
Home Care Pulaski TN – What to Do if Your Senior Is Concerned about the Flu

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to kill germs and to make sure your senior remains as healthy as possible. Washing with warm water and plain soap for at least a minute is a simple way to make sure that you remove as many germs as possible. Wash your hands frequently but be careful to use lotion as well to avoid drying out your senior’s skin.

Set Aside Some Time to Talk to Her Doctor

It’s a good idea to talk to your senior’s doctor about her flu worries. Her doctor can talk to you and your senior about her realistic risk for catching the flu. It’s also a good idea to ask about how the flu would impact your senior’s overall health and whether there are some big reasons for your senior to have the concerns she has.

Ask about a Flu Shot

An option that your senior’s doctor might recommend is a flu shot. The flu shot is slightly different every season because it keeps pace with the projected versions of the flu that most people might be exposed to. There are misconceptions about the flu vaccine, such as people believing that the flu shot can cause them to develop the flu. What the vaccine does is to help your senior’s immune system to develop the antibodies that it needs to fight the flu. It’s a good idea for you to consider the flu vaccine, too.

Get Her to the Doctor Right Away if She Does Get Sick

Something to be aware of is that if your senior does get sick, she needs to go to her doctor right away. If she has the flu, even after having had a flu shot, medications are far more effective if she’s diagnosed as quickly as possible. And if your senior is sick because of something besides the flu, your elderly family member’s doctor can get to work right away finding out what’s going on.

The flu varies from year to year, in intensity and in where it tends to strike hardest. If your aging family member does get the flu, it might be a good idea to bring home care providers in for her. They can help to ensure that she’s comfortable, that she’s eating, and that she’s in good hands.

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