Could Sarcopenia Be Causing Your Dad's Mobility Issues?

Sarcopenia is a normal part of aging. It occurs as the muscles weaken and lose their mass naturally with age. It’s estimated that after by the age of 80, a person has lost as much as half of their muscle mass.

Home Care Services Pulaski TN - Could Sarcopenia Be Causing Your Dad's Mobility Issues?

Home Care Services Pulaski TN – Could Sarcopenia Be Causing Your Dad’s Mobility Issues?

Several things can lead to sarcopenia. Chronic illness, a lack of activity, and changes in hormone levels are all factors. Nutrition is another factor. Not every senior will experience loss of mobility due to sarcopenia, but those who do not get enough exercise or who don’t eat a healthy diet are at risk.

What Can Your Dad Do to Prevent Muscle Loss?

Daily exercise is important. Your dad should mix strength training with cardiovascular exercises. He should get at least half an hour each day for at least five days each week. The more exercise he gets, the better it is.

It’s best to change the exercises from time to time. For example, a brisk walk three days a week is a good start. One day could be a Zumba class, and another day he could go to the gym and work with a trainer on strength training routines. Swimming, bicycling, and Yoga are other good options.

He also needs to watch his diet. Protein is key to muscle retention. Seniors do not always eat enough protein. It’s believed that around 40 percent of senior men and women do not eat enough protein.

To get enough protein, it’s recommended that 30 to 35 percent of the daily calories come from a lean source of protein. If your dad should be eating 2,000 calories per day, 600 to 700 of those calories need to come from his chosen source of protein.

What if His Mobility is Already Impacted?

Your dad has lost some stamina and strength due to muscle loss. Rather than letting him always take it easy, it’s a good time to talk to his doctor. He could start working with a physical therapist to increase muscle strength and restore some mobility. At home, people can help him work on his therapy exercises in between physical therapy appointments.

While he regains strength and mobility, arrange home care services to help him around the home. Home care services providers can help him with light housecleaning tasks, laundry, and meals. They can also drive him to his physical therapy sessions and follow-up appointments with his doctor. Learn more about home care services that can help your dad when mobility is affected by sarcopenia.


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