Reconditioning Tips for Seniors with Home Care Services Help

Does your elderly loved one need to do exercises that recondition their muscles? If so, then there are some tips that can help them to do this. Before giving your elderly loved one these tips, be sure you have talked to their doctor about what exercises are safe for them to do and which ones are not. This could be home care services aides can help them with.

Honesty is Important

Home Care Services Belle Meade TN - Reconditioning Tips for Seniors with Home Care Services Help
Home Care Services Belle Meade TN – Reconditioning Tips for Seniors with Home Care Services Help

One of the most important reconditioning tips for the elderly is honesty. Your elderly loved one needs to be honest with themselves about what habits they have. For instance, if they sit down watching television for hours at a time without getting up, they need to be admit this to themselves. The more honest they are about their current habits, the more they can commit to overcoming and changing those habits into positive ones. If needed, you can even talk to your elderly loved one about your own bad habits. This way, they don’t feel so alone.

Writing Things Down

It could also be very beneficial for your elderly loved one to write things down in regard to their reconditioning goals. Writing goals down on paper can help some people commit to them better. The goals that your elderly loved one writes down should be small and attainable. They can also make notes about the progress they are making toward their goal. For example, your elderly loved one shouldn’t set a goal that they will do 100 push-ups a day. Instead, they can set a goal such as doing 10 push-ups in one day.

Work Their Way Up Slowly

Your elderly loved one shouldn’t move quickly to recondition their muscles. They need to work their way up slowly. For instance, if your elderly loved one would like to improve their core strength, they shouldn’t try to do intense weight-lifting. Instead, they should start by doing small workout sessions to improve their core strength. Research shows that 10 to 20 minutes at a time is beneficial. After your elderly loved one gets used to doing these shorter sessions, they can add a bit more time to their workouts if they would like.

Supervision From a Home Care Services Aide

For awhile, your elderly loved one might need supervision during their workouts. This just ensures they don’t fall or get injured while they are exercising. You or a home care services provider could supervise your elderly loved one for the meantime.

These are some of the reconditioning tips for the elderly. If your elderly loved one needs to improve their core strength and strengthen their muscles, hopefully, these tips will help them to do that.


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