How Do You Manage Public Outings When Alzheimer's Symptoms Draw Attention?

When a parent has Alzheimer’s, life’s already hard for your parent, your family, and you. The confusion your mom or dad experiences can lead to anger that gets taken out on you. The fear of losing memories finds a usually calm parent dealing with panic attack after panic attack.

Home Health Care Nashville TN - How Do You Manage Public Outings When Alzheimer's Symptoms Draw Attention?

Home Health Care Nashville TN – How Do You Manage Public Outings When Alzheimer’s Symptoms Draw Attention?

On outings, it’s hard for everyone. Your mom feels self-conscious when forgetting names, faces, words, or where she is. Your dad puts everything he sees in the cart and gets mad if you try to stop him. You’re not sure how to discretely explain Alzheimer’s to the people who stop and stare or make comments about your parent’s behavior.

There are two ways to handle public outings. First, be ready to explain the situation. Second, prevent agitation by avoiding things that you know trigger the agitation. Here are tips for doing both things.

Carry Business Cards

Print some business cards that simply say “My mom/dad has Alzheimer’s and struggles with agitation. Thank you for your understanding. If you’d like to learn more about Alzheimer’s disease, visit..” These cards can quickly alert people without your mom or dad having to know and feeling self-conscious.

Go Tag-Team Shopping

Turn shopping into a tag-team event. While your dad is throwing things in the cart, walk ahead of the cart with him. While you’re distracting him with items on the shelf, someone else can run unnecessary items back to the shelf. He won’t remember what he put in the cart, and you’re avoiding a confrontation that leads to a meltdown.

Make Sure Your Mom or Dad is Rested

Aim for morning outings when your parent is well-rested. If your mom or dad is already tired, it’s more likely to lead to difficulties. Think about when your parent is most agreeable and less likely to become agitated. Those are the prime hours for public outings.

Choose Less Busy Stores and Restaurants

A lot of noise and movement can agitate someone with Alzheimer’s. Avoid crowded stores or shop outside of the peak shopping hours. If you’re planning to eat out, choose a quieter restaurant where you can get a corner table that’s away from heavy foot traffic. Aim for hours where most restaurants are less busy. Having lunch at 2:30 p.m. or eating an early dinner at 4 p.m. work well.

Even a short trip to a grocery store can be a seemingly impossible event. Before the frustration builds and causes excessive stress, arrange home health care services. You can care for your mom or dad without having to be the only one there. Call our home health care specialist to arrange part-time Alzheimer’s care so that you can take breaks.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Home Health Care Services in Nashville TN, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts at Home. Serving Middle Tennessee (Nashville, Brentwood, Bell Meade, Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia, Pulaski, and more!) Call today: 629-203-7925.

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