U.S. Insurance Group Comes Up with a G.O.A.L. to Make Sure Seniors Eat Well

The National Council on Aging found that about 10.2 million men and women age 60 or older were at risk of food insecurity in 2014. That’s almost 16 percent of the total number of senior citizens in the U.S. To combat elderly food insecurity and malnutrition, Ameritas came up with a simple to remember acronym – G.O.A.L.

What is G.O.A.L?

G.O.A.L. stands for Grocery, Organizations, Ask, and Look. By helping seniors and their families learn how to find services and programs that can help make food affordable and available, seniors have a lowered risk of food insecurity. Here’s how that plan breaks down.

G – Grocery: Talk to the grocery store about rewards programs and coupons. Some grocery stores have apps that give returning shoppers free items and regular coupons that don’t have to be printed. Shopping frequently builds up rewards credits that turn into grocery gift cards each month or quarter.

O – Organization: The Agency on Aging may help find organizations that can help get groceries delivered to senior citizens. You might find it better to talk to a homecare agency. Not only can a caregiver pick up groceries for your mom or dad, but the caregivers can also prep ingredients and cook meals for them.

If your parents cannot afford groceries, there are state programs that provide qualifying seniors with money to help cover the expense. Look into the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to see if your parents qualify.

A – Ask: Ask your mom or dad’s doctor if they know of programs that can ensure your parents get a healthy meal. Health insurance may offer counseling with a dietitian. That can help your parent find nutritious meals that don’t cost more than they can afford.

L – Look: Look into community groups run by churches and other non-profits. A food shelf is a good place to start. Your mom or dad can go to the organization to get some foods to get them through the month.

What Foods Help Cut Grocery Bills?

When your parent struggles to afford groceries, they can still eat well. Look at dried beans for protein. A vegetarian chili made with dried beans will offer plenty of nutrients through the tomatoes and onions, while the beans are high in protein and fiber. Serve that with a green salad, and you have an affordable nutritionally-sound dinner.

Whole grains like barley and brown rice are both affordable. For affordable vegetables, cabbage is often low in price and packed with vitamins and minerals.

With a homecare agency helping your parent eat well and regularly, you don’t have to worry about malnutrition. Caregivers can help find the right balance of meals to keep your parent nourished throughout the day. Call our homecare agency to get started.

Homecare Bellevue TN - U.S. Insurance Group Comes Up with a G.O.A.L. to Make Sure Seniors Eat Well
Homecare Bellevue TN – U.S. Insurance Group Comes Up with a G.O.A.L. to Make Sure Seniors Eat Well

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