In-Home Care Franklin TN - Helping Seniors With Stress Relief

Helping Seniors With Stress Relief

Some people may think that after years of wear and tear on the body and mind, that retirement is easy. Unfortunately, retirement and growing older often introduce new stressors. This knowledge is one of the reasons why adding in-home care services is beneficial. Not only can in-home care professionals help alleviate stress for seniors, but they also help reduce the stress of loved ones caring for seniors.

Continue reading to learn more about helping seniors with stress relief.

Additional Stressors for Seniors

After years of routine, retirement can be difficult for seniors. Not having a dedicated place to go or a “purpose” can be challenging. The ability to do what they want and when they want sounds excellent on paper, but what happens when reality kicks in? Not having a routine can lead to depression, feelings of worthlessness, and increased stress. Not only that, but when two seniors who live together are thrust into new roles because of a change in employment, the stress may skyrocket.

Other stressors for seniors come from a change in income, which brings about financial concerns about the future. The new budget may prevent them from living in the same home. Looking for a new home and downsizing can also increase stress. For some seniors, their retirement plans are enough to alleviate the stress, but for many, the cost of living as they once did is simply too high.

Additionally, seniors may face increased medical concerns over a new diagnosis or a change in insurance thanks to retirement. Frustrations over these changes take their toll over time, causing emotions and tension to rise in some situations. Additional stress when seniors need to focus on their health may exacerbate their situation.

Stress Relief Tips for Seniors

Recognizing stress and developing a plan to fight against it is something that should take place before retirement. What should happen isn’t always easy in any case. This is especially true if seniors struggled with stress their entire life. In some instances, it may take a support team, such as the help seniors can get from in-home care providers along with loved ones, but together, steps can be taken to alleviate stress.

Some easy ways to manage stress are listed below.

  • Focus on breathing with breathing exercises – many free breathing apps exist to assist with this
  • Walking in nature, breathing in the fresh air, and feeling the sun on their skin
  • Meditation – there are several apps available to assist with meditation
  • Socializing with their friends – it is easy to withdraw, but loved ones and senior home care providers can encourage seniors to continue socializing
  • Finding a new hobby
  • Exercising
  • Volunteering – this also helps seniors feel valued again

How Can In-Home Care Help Relieve Stress

In-Home Care Franklin TN - Helping Seniors With Stress Relief

In-Home Care Franklin TN – Helping Seniors With Stress Relief

In-home care providers can assist with each of the techniques above and may be able to introduce others. By being in the home and interacting with seniors, they can assess the stress level and the root cause. Knowing this helps in creating the best match when it comes to stress relief techniques.

An in-home care team member can walk with seniors around the block to keep them physically active, ensure they have transportation to continue doing the things they love, and work with them as they branch out to learn new hobbies. An in-home care provider is an extension of support that loved ones and seniors can rely on.




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