Five Ways to Curb Ice Cream Cravings When Your Parent is Diabetic

People love to celebrate American’s frozen treat during National Ice Cream Month. When your dad is diabetic, ice cream may not be recommended by his doctor or nutritionist. You hate disappointing him, but it’s also understandable that you don’t want to put his health at risk. With these five options, he can have an ice cream treat without the added sugar.

Frozen Yogurt

In-Home Care Nashville TN - Five Ways to Curb Ice Cream Cravings When Your Parent is Diabetic
In-Home Care Nashville TN – Five Ways to Curb Ice Cream Cravings When Your Parent is Diabetic

Blend yogurt with pureed fresh fruit. Try to add fruit that’s sweeter than others. Mix it thoroughly and place it in ice cube trays. Add part of a skewer. Your dad can have a homemade yogurt and fruit pop when he’s’ feeling an ice cream craving coming on.

Fruit Ice

Grate or shave ice in a food processor or blender. Spoon the ice into a bowl and drizzle fresh fruit puree over it. If you don’t have the puree, an unsweetened fruit preserve that’s warmed in the microwave will do. It’s not going to be the same as ice cream, but it may help ease cravings for cold, sweet treats.

Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Get some low-fat evaporated milk and low-fat coconut milk. Blend them. Melt a bag of sugar-free chocolate chips or unsweetened chocolate chips. Blend the melted chocolate into the milk mixture and add a sugar substitute to taste. Stir it now and then while it freezes.

Homemade Sorbet

If you have a grater, you can make a sorbet using frozen fruit. As fruit does have natural sugar, your dad needs to limit how much he eats. If you add grated frozen banana, you give it a creamy consistency that may fool him.


Several ice cream manufacturers make sugar-free ice creams. They’re not the best option, but they’ll help ease cravings. Many sweeten the milk or milk alternative with monk fruit extract or stevia. Some use aspartame or sucralose.

These sweeteners all have an aftertaste. Some are grainy rather than creamy. When it’s possible, you should have your dad test a few smaller containers before committing to a larger container.

No matter what type of ice cream alternative appeals to your dad, he needs to eat small portions as a treat from time to time. He shouldn’t be eating entire pints in one sitting. If you’re afraid he’ll forget, it’s worth discussing the benefits of in-home care.

With in-home care, your dad could have caregivers cooking his meals for him and monitoring what he eats each day. It’s a handy way to make sure he’s eating a balanced diet and not splurging his daily caloric intake on the wrong foods.

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