What Your Senior Can Do Now that She Knows it’s COPD

Finally getting a diagnosis of COPD can solve a lot of nagging questions for your senior, like why her energy levels have been dropping and why she’s been feeling short of breath. During National COPD Month, which happens every November, it’s a good idea to help your senior figure out what her next steps are now that she’s aware that she has COPD. It is also time to consider bringing in personal care at home services.

Look More Closely at Habits

Personal Care at Home Pulaski TN - What Your Senior Can Do Now that She Knows it’s COPD
Personal Care at Home Pulaski TN – What Your Senior Can Do Now that She Knows it’s COPD

Certain habits and choices can make COPD symptoms far worse. If your senior still smokes, for instance, it’s vital that she puts together a plan to quit. Her doctor can help. Quitting smoking won’t cure COPD, but it can help her to slow down the progression of the disease. It can also help to avoid chemicals and pollutants that might exacerbate symptoms.

Stick with Follow-up Appointments

It’s also important to make sure that your senior keeps up with follow-up appointments she may have with her doctor, her pulmonologist, and other specialists. The volume of appointments can be overwhelming, especially if your elderly family member hasn’t had other major health issues. But sticking with these appointments helps to make sure that your elderly family member is getting the treatments that help her the most.

Get Vaccinations for the Flu and Pneumonia

People with COPD are extremely susceptible to respiratory ailments like pneumonia and the flu. Vaccinations against these ailments are important, even for the people around your senior. Talk with her doctor about when your senior should be getting vaccinated to protect herself the most.

Put Together a Treatment Plan and Follow It

Having a treatment plan is incredibly important. Your senior needs to know what medications she can use when, especially inhaled medications that improve her breathing. Protecting her energy levels can also be a lot more important than your senior expects. Hiring personal care at home services can ensure that your loved one conserves her energy for the tasks that she needs and wants to perform on her own. Personal care at home providers can tackle repetitive tasks that burn a lot of energy, letting your senior rest when she can.

Every situation is different with COPD but helping your elderly family member to maintain her quality of life is absolutely vital. Personal care at home services can help you and your elderly family member to put together routines that support your senior’s needs and keep her as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

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