Senior Home Care: How a Senior's Breathing Challenges Affect Their Safety

Breathing difficulties can be fatal for many people, regardless of age. For somebody of advancing years, though, even the slightest breathing challenge can lead to some serious complications and unforeseen mishaps. Having senior home care services can help to monitor these difficulties.

Whether it is caused by COPD, congestive heart failure, asthma, recovering from pneumonia, or some other health issue, when an older person begins to struggle to breathe, what might happen?

Could they panic?

Absolutely. This is one of first reactions people have when they suddenly struggle to take in breath. They panic. Panic leads to quick responses, not all of them are going to be smart ones.

Let’s say an elderly person is sitting in the living room reading a good book. He or she suddenly feels some tightness in their chest. It’s not a heart attack, but they find it more difficult to take in breath.

At first, they try to calm themselves. But eventually their lungs constrict even more and they can’t seem to catch a full, refreshing breath. Before long, they start thinking of all of the worst-case scenarios.

Then what happens?

Could they get up suddenly, try to rush to the phone to call for help, find an inhaler if they struggle with asthma, or do something else? What if those rushed footsteps get tangled up in the rug, the edge of the carpet, or in themselves?

What if that elderly person stumbles and falls down? Could they be injured? Absolutely. The older a person is, the more frail their bone structures are likely to be. That means they could break a hip, leg, sprain an ankle or knee much easier than they did in their younger years.

Suddenly, you begin to realize how panic is so dangerous.

That’s why it is critical for those with potential breathing challenges to have the right support on hand. If an aging senior is dealing with asthma, they should have their inhaler with them at all times. If they rely on other types of medications in emergencies, make sure they have those with them wherever they are in the house or when they are out in the public.

If they live alone, it is highly advisable to discuss the prospect of senior home care. They might not want to talk about senior home care, but having somebody there throughout the day, maybe even overnight, can offer a great deal of comfort.

Sometimes, even if an aging senior is married and living with their spouse, that might not be enough. Two elderly people panicking in an emergency situation can lead to injuries for both of them.

If they depend on senior home care support for stopping by just a few hours once or twice a week, that could be exactly what they need to help them feel more comfortable and confident in the event they have to deal with some health issue that makes it difficult for them to breathe, even if it is passing or temporary.

Don’t take breathing issues lightly because they can quickly become serious health emergencies and compromise safety.

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