Senior Home Care Murfreesboro TN - Why Cycling is Great for Senior Health

Why Cycling is Great for Senior Health

You may know that your senior loved one is supposed to get 30 minutes of exercise daily, but they may not like going for walks or swimming at the local pool. Luckily, there are tons of activities that are easy on the body and may be better for your elderly loved one. If your senior doesn’t like walking or swimming, recommend cycling. If they have senior home care aides, they can watch over them as they exercise or drive them to a gym.

The best thing about cycling is you can find these at the local gyms as stationary bikes, or if you find the right one, they can do this outside at their favorite local park. It is the best way to get out of the house and move around or an easy workout in the air-conditioned gym.

Here are a few reasons why cycling can be so beneficial to seniors’ health.

It Helps Them Maintain Balance and Coordination which Senior Home Care Aides may Notice

Senior Home Care Murfreesboro TN - Why Cycling is Great for Senior Health

Senior Home Care Murfreesboro TN – Why Cycling is Great for Senior Health

Seniors are prone to balance and coordination deficits, which may result in fractures, falls, and other injuries. According to research, elderly persons who ride bicycles improve their balance and coordination over time. However, elderly individuals with restricted mobility may need help while exercising. If your loved one needs help getting on and off the bike, there may be gadgets that can help them, or you can think about hiring senior home care. The senior home care providers may help take a senior on a drive to the gym or might even help them get onto stationary bikes at the gym.

It Helps Improve Lower Body Muscles

Seniors’ muscles tend to deteriorate as they age. Even consistently exercising, older folks may not have the leg strength to lift weights. Cycling is a wonderful technique to strengthen the legs, hips, and pelvis, as well as the surrounding ligaments, tendons, and bones. This is one of the best ways to ensure seniors maintain their muscles as they age.

Biking is Low Impact

Cycling may be the best activity for seniors with arthritis or other joint issues, especially in the knees and ankles. This low-impact exercise does not place significant stress on the joints. After orthopedic surgery, some physicians advise older citizens to take up cycling to restore their athletic ability.

It May Help Reduce Depression

Seniors are susceptible to anxiety and sadness, which often result from feelings of isolation or loneliness. Cycling produces endorphins that counteract sadness. If your loved one rides a bicycle outside, the presence of nature may help improve his or her disposition. The activity is a wonderful way for seniors to make new acquaintances or spend time with their families, alleviating feelings of isolation and loneliness.

It’s Good for Seniors With Various Mobility Levels

Seniors with limited mobility might use stationary bicycles to exercise. Those who are new to the activity may take it easy. At the same time, those who are in better condition can do more strenuous exercises. If your loved one is comfortable outdoors, they may cycle in parks, on trails, and around the neighborhood.

If your loved one hasn’t started cycling yet, it’s time to encourage them. There are plenty of affordable bikes on the market, but this may be something they need to go and test out. You will want to find a bike that is comfortable for them.

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