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4 Things Seniors Can Do To Reconnect With Friends

July is Social Wellness Month and it’s a fantastic time for seniors to focus on their social life and how it impacts their mental health. Loneliness among seniors is reaching epidemic levels, and many health professionals are concerned about the impact of loneliness on seniors. Seniors that are aging in place may have to put in a little extra effort to stay connected to their friends and family and help their mental health. Seniors who have strong friendships and social relationships have a lower risk of developing depression, heart disease, and other health problems.

It’s easy to understand why seniors become disconnected from old friends. Over the years work and family responsibilities make it difficult to put in the time necessary to maintain solid friendships. But there are some things that seniors who are living independently can do to reconnect with old friends like:

Reach Out On Social Media

Social media is a great way to reconnect with friends after a long period apart. Seniors who have companion care at home can ask their companion to help them look up old friends by name on social media. And with social media it’s easy to find out where old friends live now and what they’ve been up to. Sending a message on social media is a low-stress way to find out if they’re interested in reconnecting. Send a polite message, leave a phone number, and ask if they’d like to talk or get together. That way it’s up to them what the next step is and seniors haven’t really taken a big risk.

Host A Friend Get Together

If your senior parent wants to reconnect with a group of friends hosting a get together like a brunch, a tea, or a dinner party is a great way to do that. Tell everyone to bring a dish to pass and have a great time getting to know old friends again and getting caught up on each other’s lives. Seniors who have companion care at home will have someone with them to help serve food, replenish drinks, and keep the conversation from getting too awkward.

Send A Gift

Seniors that want to reconnect with a friend that they might not have left things on the best terms with can try starting with a gift to open the lines of communication. Everyone loves receiving a gift. Try sending fruit or flowers with a note that asks if they’d be interested in talking. That way if they say yes your senior parent can possibly have their friendship back. But if they say no or don’t respond then at least your senior parent has made the gesture and put themselves out there.

Pick Up The Phone

Phone calls may be old-fashioned now but they still work, and they’re a great way to reconnect with old friends. Seniors can take the chance of calling friends they haven’t talked to in a long time to see what’s going on with them and how they’ve been. The gesture will be appreciated, and your senior parent may be able to rekindle a vital friendship.


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