Elder Care in Greenwood Village CO

When Is It Time to Talk About Elder Care Services?

Your mom is getting older and has health conditions that may be common in old age, but they also limit her mobility. How can your mom keep up with her daily care needs when she’s finding it difficult? When should you talk to her about the importance of elder care?

After a Fall

Every year, three million older adults go to the emergency room after falling. Around 20% of these falls result in head injuries or broken bones. If your mom fell and injured herself, she needs to have caregivers around for her recovery.

Depending on the injuries that occur, she may have limited mobility for several weeks. She’s going to need help with vacuuming, sweeping, laundry, and changing the sheets. Your mom may not be able to drive, especially if she’s in a cast.

After She’s Diagnosed With a Chronic Health Condition

It’s essential to arrange elder care once a chronic health condition is diagnosed. If your mom has heart disease, she will have medications that have to be taken each day. Forgetting a dose is detrimental to her health.

During cancer treatments, your mom’s energy levels may plummet. She’ll need help with everything from cooking meals to cleaning her home. She may need someone to drive her to and from appointments, too.

If she has Alzheimer’s, she cannot be alone. She needs cues to know how to get dressed to match the weather, and when to take her medications, brush her teeth, or take a shower. She cannot go for walks alone or she could get lost.

Before Something Happens

Ideally, arrange elder care as soon as your mom starts finding it harder to do some daily chores on her own. The sooner she gets help from an elder care aide, the less likely she is to have a problem taking care of herself and her home.

Many families avoid talking about the “what ifs,” but it’s very important to do so. You want to make sure your mom has legal paperwork in place to protect herself if a medical emergency happens.

She may not be ready for elder care, but she might want more help around the home and isn’t sure how to talk to you about it. If you bring it up first, she may be less embarrassed to admit things are becoming more challenging and that she could use a helping hand to remain independent at home.

Don’t put off arranging elder care if your mom needs help. It shouldn’t take her reaching the point when it takes a fall or health emergency to get help from elder care aides. Your mom wants to age at home, so arrange elder care services to make sure it happens.


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