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4 Things Seniors Should Always Pack For Trips

When seniors are going on trips, there are some things that they need to bring every time just in case they end up in a situation they don’t expect. It doesn’t matter if the trip is overnight or much longer these items should be the first things that seniors pack. Home care assistance can help in making sure that these four things always get packed in a senior’s bag for any kind of trip:

Extra Medications And A Pill Organizer

When seniors are traveling there are many things that could go wrong and could lead to seniors either losing their medications or not being able to access them at the time they need to take medications. For example, if a senior needs to take a certain medication at a certain time but their plane is delayed or they are still in the air and their baggage is in the cargo area they won’t be able to access their medications. Keeping extra pills in a pill organizer in their carryon bag or purse will allow them to have access to their medications when they need them.

Extra Briefs

Seniors who wear briefs should always keep extra briefs where they easily accessible. A package of extra briefs should be in each suitcase, in case the suitcases are lost or separated. And seniors should put additional extra briefs in their carryon bag or a small bag or backpack that they carry with them so that if they need access to clean briefs they can get them. Seniors that are traveling by car may need to change their brief at a rest stop but can’t access their bag because it’s in the trunk or buried under other bags. With extra briefs in their purse or packback they can discretely change if they need to.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are extremely useful for a number things and it’se a good idea for seniors to keep them accessible at all times. Seniors can use baby wipes to freshen up on a long trip, stay clean while changing their brief, wash their face on a long flight, and get rid of any travel funk when they get where they are going without having to take a shower. Baby wipes also are great for wiping off door handles and other surfaces that seniors might be hesitant to touch.

Protein Shakes

It might sound strange to say that seniors should pack protein shakes in a bag. But snacks may not always be accessible when seniors need to have a snack to keep their blood sugar in a normal range. And it’s better for seniors to have a protein shake with low sugar instead of eating a snack of chips or other processed foods. Shelf stable protein drinks can fit in a purse or carryon bag and they are ideal for seniors that are traveling and may not be able to get a meal or a snack when they need one.

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