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Steps To Create A Caregiving Plan With A Senior Parent

If your senior parent wants to stay in their own home as they get older, you should sit down with them to talk about a care plan. Elder care is something that most seniors need at some point, especially if they are aging in place. Talking with your senior parent now about their wishes, their needs, and how they want to handle any emergencies or medical conditions that require more extensive care in the future is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to write down their wishes and make sure that everyone in in your family is aware of what type of elder care your senior loved one wants.

But that can be a tough conversation to have with a senior parent, especially a very independent senior parent who doesn’t want any help now or in the future. And your senior parent may not want to discuss with you what should happen when they are no longer able to do things like housework or taking care of themselves. You can use these tips to make that conversation easier to have:

Have Information

A good way to keep the conversation productive and positive in tone is to have lots of information to share with them about elder care and different types of at home care. Your senior parent may not even realize how many different types of care are available for seniors that are aging in place. Once they have a better understanding of what their options are your senior parent will be more open to creating a comprehensive care plan that can help them stay at home safely as they get older.

Keep The Tone Positive

Make sure that your tone is always positive even if the conversation goes off the rails a little bit. Your senior loved one may have a hard time talking about what they want to happen if they have a heart attack or fall and break a leg. Make sure that your tone is always positive and supportive so that they know you are just trying to help. Stress the importance of having a care plan in place just in case something unexpected happens even though you don’t it will. Try to make them as comfortable as possible with the idea that they might need elder care at home.

Listen To What They Want

Don’t try to talk over them or tell them what you think they should do. Remember that your parent still has the ability and the right to make decisions for themselves. That’s why you should be having this discussion while they are still in good health, so that they can make those decisions. you should be listening and supporting, not judging.

Offer Solutions

Keep the conversation focused on solutions to common situations that occur when seniors are aging in place. For example, suggest that when the time comes when they can no longer easily do a particular task like wash the dishes that’s when it’s time to hire elder care. Stay focused on solutions and how home care will make their life better.

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