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4 Things That Aren’t Just Normal Aging

Often when seniors start to experience changes in their health, they don’t go to a doctor. They just assume that the changes they’re experiencing are normal because they are getting older. And in some cases that might be true. But there are some health conditions that aren’t a part of normal aging.

It can be difficult for seniors to know if things like vision changes are due to normal aging. They could be signs of more serious health issues. Seniors who are experiencing these kinds of changes should see a doctor to know for sure, Here are four changes that aren’t necessarily just simply aging, and how home care assistance can help:

Vision Changes

It’s normal for people to experience dry eyes, flashers, and some trouble seeing long distance as they get older. But seniors who are experiencing significant vision changes should see an eye doctor. Changes like not being able to read normal print or experiencing cloudiness in the eyes could be a sign of more serious problems. Some vision problems can be treated if they are caught early. But once some conditions have progressed they could cause permanent blindness. That’s why it’s very important for seniors to get an eye exam at least once a year.

Hearing Changes

Just like vision changes with age some hearing loss is normal when seniors age. But pain in the ear, sudden deafness, or ringing in the ears that doesn’t go away aren’t normal. If seniors are experiencing any pain, sudden deafness, or another type of profound hearing loss they should get their hearing checked by a specialist. In addition to getting a vision test each year seniors should be getting a hearing screening done each year.

Forgetting Things

As seniors age it’s perfectly normal to forget a word here and there. Or to not remember what they walked into a room for. But seniors who are experiencing significant loss of memory need to get screened for Alzheimer’s. Things like forgetting where they are, forgetting what everyday objects are, or forgetting their name are not part of normal aging. If you notice that a senior parent is really struggling with basic tasks you should schedule an appointment for a dementia screening.


Seniors often avoid talking about depression. They just assume that everyone “feels blue” as they get older. But depression isn’t a normal part of aging. And seniors don’t have to go through the emotional wringer of depression. There are medications and therapies that may help seniors mange their depression symptoms.

What to Do If Your Senior Experiences These Changes

Anytime seniors experience a sudden change in their health they should see a doctor. When changes occur due to normal aging they usually happen slowly over time. Sudden pain or sudden changes in a senior’s ability can indicate a more serious health problem.

How Home Care Assistance Can Help

Home care assistance can help seniors schedule doctor appointments. Home care assistance can also help seniors if they need a safe way to get to medical appointments. With home care assistance, seniors don’t have to put off medical appointments because it’s difficult for them to get there.


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