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Easy Summer Activities for Seniors

Summer is many people’s favorite time of the year because the sun is out for longer, the air is fresh and warm, and people naturally become more active this time of year. Your senior loved one may struggle to develop summer activities that can be added to their daily or weekly routine. If they are having a hard time doing things independently, it’s time to look into hiring in-home care to help them out. These professionals will encourage your loved one to stick with a routine, take them to do activities, and be a much-needed companion for them. Here are a few ideas for your seniors to enjoy this summer.

Movies In the Park

If your loved one lives near a park, there is a chance they will host a movie night at dusk. This is something that will get your loved one out of the house and will keep them entertained. They may feel too old to do this weekly, but it can be fun to do it once a month during the warm months when they don’t have to worry about getting cold. Make sure they bring layers, bug spray, and a cushion to sit on while enjoying the movie. If you can make it a family trip, this may also be fun for a senior’s grandkids. On the other hand, this is something that they can enjoy on their own or even with in-home care.

Picnics With Friends

Meals can be hard for a senior to enjoy as they get older. They may find no enjoyment in eating for multiple reasons. However, if you can make mealtimes enjoyable, they may look forward to the food in-home care prepared. The next time you think about how to get your loved one to eat even a few bites, invite them to a family picnic. In-home care may also encourage a senior to set up a picnic date with friends they don’t get to see often. This can be a good excuse to see each other more and enjoy the fresh air.

Walking Around the Neighborhood

Neighborhood walks can be enjoyable in the early mornings when the air is still cool from the night, or they can be done in the evening while the sun is going down. This is a good chance for your loved one to get up, move their bodies around, and feel good about themselves while enjoying the weather. A quick walk around the neighborhood will help your seniors feel alive, put together, and in control of their lives. Moving around is crucial no matter what age, and this is also a good way to pay attention to what’s going on in their hometown. Maybe they have new neighbors or a best friend they like to see; this is a good way to keep up with the gossip and interact with others.

Video Chat with Family

If all else fails, and it’s too hot outside, set up a video chat date with your elderly loved one. Maybe once a week, their best friend calls to catch up, or they want to stay in touch with their family members. These calls can be scheduled and can be fun for a senior to look forward to when it’s too hot for them to go outside.

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