Senior Home Care in Parker CO

What Are Your Mom's Care Needs?

Older adults are more likely to have at least one chronic health condition and take medications to keep it from worsening. High blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart diseases are prevalent. When your mom has at least one of these, it’s important to consider the benefits of supporting her with regular visits from a senior home care aide.

Explore Her Health Issues

Do you know how your mom’s health is? Does she have any chronic health conditions, and does she take medications for them? If she has prescription pills for heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., does she take them regularly or does she often forget a dose?

Is she doing everything her doctor told her to do? Does she eat the right foods? Is she watching her sodium intake and drinking plenty of water? Does she go for a walk every day and get exercise inside if it’s too rainy to go outside?

Talk to her about when she last saw her dentist. Is she brushing and flossing each day? Does she have any oral health issues like gum disease that need more frequent dental visits or specialized oral care products?

Has she seen her eye doctor lately? Is her vision okay or is she supposed to stop driving? If she can’t drive, make sure you have someone available to drive her to stores, upcoming appointments, and social activities.

Assess Her Abilities During a Visit

During a visit with your mom, assess how well she does on her own. If she has laundry, does she carry the basket with ease, or does she have a harder time holding onto the stair rail while also carrying the basket? Is there an easier way for her to get dirty clothes and sheets down to the laundry room?

Is she able to cook her own meals or does she have you doing the heavy lifting? Does she struggle to slice, chop, and dice ingredients? Or, do you find her fridge and freezer are full of frozen pizzas and less healthy options like microwavable noodle cups and pasta dishes?

Talk to Your Family to Get Insight

Input from your brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews all helps determine what your mom is asking others to help her with. You might not realize that she has her grandchildren helping her with shopping. Your brother may not have told you that he found your mom on the ground after she fell while gardening.

All of this helps determine what she’s able to do and where she needs help. Gather the family for a meeting about your mom’s care. Who stops by regularly and helps her out? Is it enough?

When your mom is alone and shouldn’t be, senior home care services are essential. Have caregivers available to keep your mom company, help her with daily chores, and assist her when running errands. Call a senior home care agency to get started.


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