Does a Low-Salt Diet Mean No More Cheese for Your Dad?

Wisconsin, Idaho, and California were the nation’s largest cheese producers in 2019. In total, the U.S. produces more than 10 million tons of cheese each year. Before your family celebrates the vast array of cheeses during American Cheese Month, make sure your dad is allowed to have it. As his caregiver you will want to monitor his intake.

High blood pressure, stroke, disease, and heart disease are leading reasons for a person’s doctor to recommend a low-sodium diet. Your dad has to lower his sodium intake, and he’s having a more challenging time with one food in particular. Can he have cheese on a low-salt diet?

Talk to His Doctor

Caregiver Thompsons Station TN - Does a Low-Salt Diet Mean No More Cheese for Your Dad?
Caregiver Thompsons Station TN – Does a Low-Salt Diet Mean No More Cheese for Your Dad?

The first thing to do is ask his doctor what his sodium limit is. For most people, the daily recommendation is no more than 2,300. Your dad may have to cut his intake to half of that. If he’s also on a low-fat diet, cheese may not be allowed unless he can find low-fat cheeses that also have a low sodium content.

If possible, ask if your dad can be referred to a dietitian. It gives him the chance to work with an expert in nutrition and get guidance on what he should and shouldn’t eat. It also helps him learn about serving sizes and portion control.

Cheeses That Are Lower in Sodium

Once you know what your dad’s sodium goals are, you can work with him to find cheeses he can have. Low-fat ricotta is often one of the better options. He may also be able to enjoy fresh mozzarella, goat cheese, and Swiss. Finally, cream cheese made from skim or low-fat milk is also a good choice.

Your dad needs to watch for some of the saltier cheeses like American, blue cheese, cheddar, cottage cheese, Edam, and feta. If he wants cottage cheese, he needs to find low-sodium brands. Parmesan is higher in sodium, but most people eat a small amount, so it can be another safe choice.

Does your dad have a harder time keeping on top of daily activities of living? Does he struggle with things he’s supposed to be doing to improve his health? He’s not alone. Remembering to take medications, get enough exercise, and make healthier food choices is challenging for all ages.

Getting More Help from Caregivers

Help him take the steps he needs to by arranging support from caregivers throughout the week. Caregivers can help him plan healthier menus and cook his meals. They can remind him to take his prescription medications and help him order refills. Call our home care agency and hire caregivers to help him with daily activities.


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