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If your mother, father or loved one is having trouble staying asleep throughout the night, it might be time for 24 Hour care. Touching Hearts at Home of NYC Caregivers have extensive experience in working with seniors that have needs that extend into the hours of the night. The general premise of 24-hour care is that the elder is able to sleep through the night while having the comfort of an experienced Caregiver available if any care is needed. Our highly trained staff can will be there to ensure that your loved one is taken care of. With 24 hour care we can make sure that your loved one is following their daily routine while being able to have friendly conversation.

24 Hour Care caregivers provide all the same types of care and have all the same duties as other home care or home health care workers. They can provide assistance with the activities of daily living, companionship, and if trained, nursing services. It is very common for 24 Hour Care caregivers to also prepare nutritious meals, do the shopping and provide transportation assistance for recreational activities or medical appointments. 24 Hour Care caregivers are especially common when assisting persons with Alzheimer’s & Dementia as they require supervision but not necessarily constant care. Persons with Parkinson’s related dementia also utilize live in care as they require assistance with mobility but not necessarily higher-level nursing skills. The idea of gaining a “new family member” can feel overwhelming to anyone, but especially a formerly independent senior adult. Many care recipients usually have to warm up to the reality of having live in adult care in their home performing such personal tasks. Our caregiving team is well versed in how to ease your senior loved one into feeling comfortable with another individual

It can be tough for seniors to transition to having a new individual in their home around the clock. Senior home care experts agree these 4 steps make the transition easier for your elderly loved one:

Talk About the Transition Early

As soon as you know a caregiver will be arriving to assist your loved one, let them know the transition is happening. Walk them through why the change in care is occurring and how it will affect them and their routine. Informing your loved one early will allow them time to process the change and ask questions. If possible, have the original caregiver go over the change in care as well and offer reassurance.

Have Meetings With the New Caregiver

Our in-home consultation is the perfect way to get to know us and meet with your family in person before starting care services. Our staff will use this time to ensure you we are more than able to provide the level of care your loved one needs.

Let Your Loved One Be Involved

Letting your parent be a part of the selection process allows them a sense of control and will make them more open to the idea of changing caregivers. Ask them what kind of person they would like to care for them, what types of activities would they like to do, or what foods they would like to have prepared for meals. Meeting with the new caregiver is also a great opportunity to introduce your loved one to them. Watch how they interact with the caregiver to see if they get along.

Change Is Uncomfortable; Be Understanding

It’s very likely that your parents formed an attachment with your previous caregiver. Not only will they miss them, but they are probably feeling nervous about being cared for by someone new. Dealing with change, especially for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, can be a source of anxiety. Be patient with your loved one and encourage them to embrace the new change. Focus on the positives that having a new caregiver will bring, like new and exciting activities.

Allow us to relieve you of the stress of having to worry day and night about your loved ones. Looking for 24 hour senior home care near you? Contact us today to inquire about a free consultation at 212-201-6139 for your loved ones in NYC.

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