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Heat Stress

Alicia Keys is not singing about Heat Stress when she breaks into “This Girl is on Fire”…but we are! High temperature and humidity Direct sun or heat Limited air movement Physical exertion Poor physical condition…

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Quality of Life

Analysis of the meaning of quality of life encompasses a multitude of considerations that attempt to measure life satisfaction, which is difficult because it’s subjective and often fluctuates.  So instead of being philosophical and analytical,…

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What we think will happen, happens.  As we grow older, we become what we think we will become. A lifespan difference of 7.5-years is the impact of how we think about how we age.  This…

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Life expectancy moved from under 50 years to over 70 years over the course of the 20th century.  Persons born between 1946 and 1964 add up to approximately 76.4 million people who are beginning to…

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Music can transform communication. The World War I Christmas Truce referred to as All Is Calm recalls an astounding moment in history when Allied and German soldiers met in “No Man’s Land” and laid down…

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It is a common misconception that bears hibernate during the winter. While bears tend to slow down during the winter, they are not true hibernators.  It’s this “Grizzly Bear” behavior that some of us humans…

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