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Contaminated Food

Did you know the Centers for Disease Control estimates 76 million people each year get sick by eating contaminated food?!  Older adults and children are considered most susceptible to foods contaminated by harmful bacteria and…

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Colder weather

Cold weather, like hot weather, can often catch people unprepared.  This is a good time to be reminded of what can happen when things cool down. Did you know that temperatures do not have to…

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Fall has arrived.  The word “fall” is on my mind and it conjures up all sorts of associations.  For example, “fall” connects to “harvest” in my brain.  As a result I’m imagining the cornucopia of…

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The change of seasons can trigger memories for people of all ages, particularly for older adults.  Reminiscing and retelling stories from the past is an important way to feel connected to important people even when…

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Transitional Care

What is transitional care? Have you ever needed help with transportation and/or prescription pick-up during an illness or when being discharged from an outpatient surgery or hospital stay? During the time of recovery having in-home support is essential…

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